Wednesday was the two-year anniversary of George Floyd’s death in Minnesota.

Democrats from Barack Obama to Joe Biden commemorated the day.

Obama told supporters to pause from mourning the children slaughtered at a Texas elementary school to reflect on George Floyd’s death.

Obama Asks People to ‘Take Time’ From Grieving the Children Killed in Uvalde to Remember George Floyd

Joe Biden passed an executive order to crack down on federal police officers and spread lies.

Biden: “So Many Black Americans Wake Up Knowing They Could Lose Their Life… in the Course of Just Living… Jogging, Shopping, Sleeping” (VIDEO)

And Black Lives Matter threatened more violence — because $2 billion in 2020 property damage by BLM-antifa rioters was not enough.

President Biden’s EO willfully ignores the inherently racist origins of policing & advances the same ideas over and over again as if somehow it will magically make old, outdated approaches work. Halfway measures will not save our people from white supremacy and state violence.

— Black Lives Matter (@Blklivesmatter) May 26, 2022

Police are like slave owners.

Politicians have been protecting systems of policing as if it could magically abandon its roots of slave patrolling and anti-Black violence. Banning choke holds and requiring body cameras doesn’t keep us safe. More money for “training” doesn’t keep us safe.

— Black Lives Matter (@Blklivesmatter) May 25, 2022

Democrats love this crazy talk.

Maintaining a white supremacist institution like policing costs Black lives. This continued commitment by politicians to support our killers makes them accessories to our demise.

— Black Lives Matter (@Blklivesmatter) May 25, 2022

BLM must need a new mansion.

They want another mansion. Send checks or they’ll burn down a city or something.

— James Lindsay, weaponizing your mom (@ConceptualJames) May 26, 2022

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