New York City subway shooter Frank James is still on the loose. At least 10 people were shot and 6 others were injured on Tuesday when James fired at least 30 rounds rounds inside the subway station, officials said. Five victims are in critical condition but are expected to survive.

We now know that Frank James was a black nationalist and posted several videos on the oppression of black people.

Frank James was previously on the FBI terrorist radar until 2019. Then they stopped watching him. In fact, they still haven’t caught him after the shooting yesterday.

But the FBI was too busy concocting a plot to kidnap the Michigan Governor and had little time to keep tabs on the NYC subway shooter.

Arizona senatorial candidate Blake Masters wins the internet for this tweet earlier today.

The NY subway shooter went on YouTube rants against white people and was a black supremacist… so that’ll be the last we hear about it! He was known to the FBI, but FBI was too busy kidnapping the Michigan

— Blake Masters (@bgmasters) April 13, 2022

Hopefully, the FBI will not raid Blake’s home with armed SWAT teams following this tweet.

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