In March Joe Biden appointed Kamala Harris as “border czar” to handle the border crisis.

A record number of illegal aliens have responded to Joe Biden’s invitation to “surge the border” but Kamala Harris has done nothing to stop the invasion.

Kamala Harris has not visited border but she is actively encouraging US businesses to outsource their investment from the US to the Northern Triangle (El Salvador, Guatemala and Honduras).

Per the White House:

As part of this Call to Action launch, 12 companies and organizations announced commitments to support inclusive economic development in the Northern Triangle, including: Accion, Bancolombia, Chobani, Davivienda, Duolingo, the Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health, Mastercard, Microsoft, Nespresso, Pro Mujer, the Tent Partnership for Refugees, and the World Economic Forum.

Kamala Harris on Friday met with private sector business leaders at the White House and told them to put money into Central America to help out our “neighbor.”

“Today, we are launching our call to action for businesses to invest in the Northern Triangle,” Harris said.


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