Boris Epshteyn, the Special Assistant to President Trump broke some major news on the election front today on The War Room.

Petitioners in Georgia are (re)filing the lawsuit against Fulton County. The alleged “big name” petitioners are demanding that 140,000 mail-in ballots in Fulton County be unsealed, investigated, and audited from the 2020 election.

Boris said the petitioners are “big names” but would not elaborate.

Via The War Room.

Earlier this year it looked like finally, a judge was going to allow an audit of the results of absentee ballots in Georgia’s Fulton County from the 2020 Election. Unfortunately, in October the judge dismissed the case.

In mid-October, after months in the courts, Judge Amero threw out the lawsuit saying the individuals who brought the suit were ineligible.

BREAKING: Georgia Judge Ends Effort to Audit 2020 Election Ballots in Fulton County

But now there are new petitioners with skin in the game. They will demand an audit be performed.
This is exceptional news!

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