Paypal has been on a ban-a-thon recently and has terminated the accounts of a number of campaign organizations. These organizations include the Gay Against Groomers, the Free Speech Union, legal activists Law or Fiction, and the parenting group UsForThem.

It can be recalled that The Gateway Pundit and Jim Hoft were banned from Paypal on the last day of 2021 without warning.

The Gateway Pundit is one of the top 250 websites in the United States today and had over 900,000,000 page views in 2021. We continue to grow despite constant attacks, smears, limited social media, and lawsuits.

We have never violated any of Paypal’s bylaws — BUT we are conservative and Pro-Trump.

They did not give us a reason for the banning. They say, “it’s contractual right to cease doing business with you pursuant to PayPal’s User Agreement.”

PayPal is exercising its contractual right to cease doing business with you pursuant to PayPal’s User Agreement. Under that Agreement, PayPal, in its sole discretion, has the right to terminate your account for any reason and at any time upon notice to you. In addition, we have recently reviewed your PayPal account activity, and determined that you are in violation of the Acceptable Use Policy regarding your use of a PayPal product or service. We are providing you notice that following this notice, we will permanently limit your account(s), and you will no longer be able to process transactions through PayPal or any of its services, including Venmo.

The note from Paypal also includes their services on Venmo.

On Tuesday, Gays Against Groomers (GAG), a group against the sexualization of children, announced on Twitter that they were permanently suspended from payment processors Paypal and Venmo.

The company claimed that GAG violated their user agreements, but failed to say what specific part of the agreement the organization violated.

Jaimee Michell joined Tucker to discuss her organization being banned by PayPal and Venmo.

Watch the video below:

WATCH: Gays Against Groomers @againstgrmrs founder Jaimee Michell @thegaywhostrayd appears on Tucker to discuss her org being banned by PayPal and Venmo:

“We’re not scared, we’re not intimidated and we’re not going to stop.”

— X Strategies LLC (@XStrategiesLLC) September 21, 2022

PayPal UK has recently terminated the accounts of several advocacy groups, including the Free Speech Union, the legal advocacy group Law or Fiction, the parents’ advocacy group UsForThem, and even journalist and FSU founder Toby Young’s personal account, Betanews reported.

@PayPalUK has cancelled it’s services for:@laworfiction the lawyers who challenged vaccine mandates@LD_Sceptics (The Daily Sceptic)@freespeexh @UsforThemUK Challenging vaccines for kids@ukmfa1 UK Medical Freedom@FreeSpeechUnion @toadmeister Toby Young#BoycottPayPal

— Stephen James (@drstevejames) September 22, 2022

Molly Kingsley of UsforThemUK, advocating for children to be put first, appeared on GB News to discuss the closure of their Paypal account.

Watch the video below:

We all owe a debt of gratitude to @UsforThemUK tireless campaigning for kids

Here @lensiseethrough on @mrmarkdolan @GBNEWS discussing closure of their @PayPalUK account

Many are furious & #BoycottPayPal is trending

Insist on free speech #together

— Together (@Togetherdec) September 21, 2022

Users have expressed their outrage over Paypal’s action and called for a boycott on the social media platform Twitter using the hashtag, #BoycottPayPal.

Below are some of the tweets calling for a boycott:

I have now closed my PayPal account. #BoycottPayPal

— James Melville (@JamesMelville) September 22, 2022

PAY PAL – It’s sinister that a global payment platform is now the political censorship police. Because that’s what’s happening.

As well as banning The free speech Union, PAY PAL also banned Childrens rights @UsforThemUK & legal firm @laworfiction

Be worried. #BoycottPayPal

— Bernie’s Tweets (@BernieSpofforth) September 21, 2022

I closed my PayPal account this morning and encourage others to do the same. PayPal is a WEF partner. It goes after those who are against the evil globalist agenda.

We need to take a stand.#CloseYourPayPalAccount #CancelPayPal #BoycottPayPal

— Dean Smith #StopTheTreaty (@DeanSmi47962704) September 21, 2022

I have just made my complaint against Paypal for discriminatory action against these and several other accounts. It’s easy to do. #BoycottPayPal

— Renee Hoenderkamp (@DrHoenderkamp) September 21, 2022

This sinister assault on Free Speech and Democracy is a warning to the little folk like me and many. We too can face a similar fate for voicing our opinions or for non compliance. I will use PayPal NO MORE!#BoycottPayPal

— Tom’s Tweets (@TomsTweets01) September 21, 2022

When you cancel your @PayPalUK account, don’t forget to cancel your direct debits. On my account it showed JPMC RE PAYPAL.

Don’t leave the direct debit active.#BoycottPayPal

— Ash Hirani (@Ash_Hirani) September 21, 2022

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