A brave and outspoken 11-year-old girl says that she has been kicked out of school after she refused to continue wearing a mask in her hot classroom — declaring the requirement to be child abuse.

Jenna Miller is a student at Cahill Elementary School in New York and passionate BMX rider.

On Wednesday, Miller posted on Instagram blasting her school district for forcing children to “muzzle” themselves in classrooms that can reach temperatures around 90 degrees.

“Today was a hard emotional day for me. Today I stood my ground and I was very adamant to standing up for what’s right and making it known it’s not a safe environment no longer being in a hot classroom with no Air conditioning with temperatures yesterday of 96° and today was a high of 86° masked and slaved to concentrate and do work at our desks with sweat pouring off of me,” Miller captioned a photo of herself leaving the school.


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“I love the heat I know what it’s like to be in the heat I race Bmx year around in full uniform the only difference is I come off the track soaking wet I’m able to drink freely, I’m able to breathe in the fresh air without a muzzle to my face this is inhumane,” she continued. Tagging her school district, she continued on to say that “@saugertiescsd refuses to unmask us. @saugertiescsd refuses to ease the guidelines that we have to wear our mask during gym class and outside in excess of temperatures.”

Miller went on to compare the requirement to leaving a dog in a hot car. She also pointed out the hypocrisy of school officials not having to wear them all day.

“Today’s the day I said to myself I don’t no if I’m going to make it through the entire school day because of the Constant pressure from the teachers yelling at me to muzzle myself. Today was the day I said no. I was kicked out of school because I was not being compliant with mask orders in a poorly ventilated classroom. This is the true definition of child abuse in my eyes. You don’t leave a dog in the car you certainly don’t control us kids being in a hot classroom with a mask over our face,” she wrote. “All of the administrators get to sit and bark orders from their air-conditioned offices in business suits on not masked. I don’t know what statement they are trying to make for us. Today was the day I said no more. I hope this picture goes viral and to just know your in control of your body The board of education is not. #unmaskamerica #unmaskkids”

Miller also spoke out about masks at a recent rally, saying it was an “honor” to speak out and fight for the freedom to be unmasked.


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Miller has now picked up her belongings from the school and will not be returning at this time, due to her refusal to cover her face.


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