The Taliban gas women at a human rights protest

Several brave Afghan women held a protest on Saturday in Kabul against the suppression of women’s rights under the Taliban.

“Do not recognise the Taliban or legitimise them”

A 2nd day of protests held by brave women in Kabul. The West & countries in the region have already abandoned Afghan women. But their recognition of the Taliban could make things even worse for them

Don’t abandon Afghan women

— Masih Alinejad (@AlinejadMasih) September 4, 2021

The courageous women demanded their human rights under their new Taliban overlords.

The Taliban gassed them.

#BREAKING: A few hours ago, a group of #Afghan women protested suppression of women’s rights by #Taliban in #Kabul. See what Taliban terrorists did to them. They brutally suppressed them. These extremists are from #Qatar funded 313th Badri unit which are trained by #Pakistan.

— Babak Taghvaee – Μπάπακ Τακβαίε – بابک تقوایی (@BabakTaghvaee) September 4, 2021

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