On October 22,2022, Tucker Carlson invited Arizona Republican gubernatorial candidate Kari Lake on his top-rated nightly cable news show.

During the discussion, Tucker, who was genuinely impressed with Kari Lake as he was with Republican senatorial candidate Blake Masters, told his audience, “If the election is fair, Kari Lake is going to win.”

“IF THE ELECTION IS FAIR, Kari Lake’s Going To Win” – WATCH: Tucker Carlson Dedicates Entire Opening Monologue To Kari Lake (VIDEO)

Well, the Arizona election was not fair. Up to 60 percent of voting centers in Maricopa County had machines that were not working, lines to vote were 4 hours long, hundreds of thousands of mail-in ballots were not checked for signatures, over 300,000 ballots had no chain of custody, and Democrats won over 50 percent of the Election Day ballots in Maricopa County following Election Day despite having only 16.6% of the turnout on Election Day.

On Friday Kari Lake filed a historic lawsuit against Katie Hobbs and Maricopa County election officials for the obviously fraudulent midterm election.

And to his credit, Tucker Carlson invited Kari Lake back on his show on Wednesday night after she filed her lawsuit last Friday.

As far as we know, Tucker is the only top FOX News host who has had Kari on since her election was stolen from her and the people of Arizona.

During their discussion, Kari Lake dropped this magnificent line:

Kari Lake: It’s shocking what they did… There are a plethora of problems that went down in Maricopa County and if somebody doesn’t stand up and say, “We can’t have our elections being run this way!” Then we’ll never have another fair election. I mean 60 percent of polling places on Election Day were inoperational and non-functioning. When do we stop and say enough is enough? Do we have to get to 80 percent? 90 percent? 100 percent? When do we say we need to have our elections run fair?

Bravo to Tucker Carlson for running the most important story in America today!

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