Four US soldiers were killed and 3 wounded in the twin blasts at Kabul airport after Joe Biden abandoned Americans in Afghanistan.

There were two explosions reported outside the Kabul Airport on Thursday.

The number of casualties is still unknown.

The Wall Street Journal reported:

The U.S. ambassador in Kabul has told staff there that four U.S. Marines were killed in an explosion at the city’s airport and three wounded, a U.S. official with knowledge of the briefing said. Two explosions ripped through crowds of Afghans trying to enter the airport on Thursday.

At least three U.S. troops were injured, a U.S. official said. Witnesses reported multiple fatalities among the Afghans, many of whom were trying to enter the airport because they had assisted U.S.-led coalition efforts and feared persecution by the Taliban.

This is a breaking story…please check back for updates.

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