After the shift workers left the coliseum on Thursday, staff moved in and doubled the number of processing tables there.
They must be wanting to speed things up.

You can now see that where there were 5 tables for yellow T-shirt workers there are now at least 11 new tables for yellow T-shirt election workers.

They are adding tables to each zone.

1/ Arizona audit

Currently they are making a handful of tweaks. Adding more tables to each zone, and in a different configuration than the standard counting tables that have been doing the majority of the work so far.

— Apostle Joel (@ApostleJoelSLW) April 30, 2021

There were 2.1 million ballots delivered to the center from Maricopa County.

Audit Director Ken Bennett said earlier this week that the audit is on pace to be completed by the deadline.

Arizona Audit Director Ken Bennett: Maricopa County Election Audit on Pace to be Done by Deadline

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