According to attorney Mike Davis, Biden’s Attorney General Merrick Garland just ordered that no members of the DOJ can contact Congress.  That’s against the law. 

In a Twitter thread this evening, attorney Mike Davis shared that AG Merrick Garland ordered all members of his corrupt DOJ to not contact Congress.

My former boss @ChuckGrassley, the top Republican on the Senate Judiciary Committee, may have strong words for Garland.

And Grassley has been a strong champion for whistleblowers, especially at the Justice Department, for decades.

Here’s how to reach him:

— Mike Davis (@mrddmia) August 30, 2022

Davis then provided a copy of the memo that was signed by Garland today.

— Mike Davis (@mrddmia) August 30, 2022

Davis has been very straightforward in making it clear that President Trump did nothing wrong in the lead up to Mar-a-Lago.  Presidents have the right to declassify records and they also have the ultimate decision on what documents in their position are their property and which are the government’s property.  Any claims that President Trump did something wrong prior to the FBI’s unconstitutional raid on the President’s iconic home, Mar-a-Lago, are wrong.

“This is Much Bigger Than President Trump. This Is Destructive to the Presidency and It’s Lawless” – Attorney Mike Davis on FBI’s Raid and Deep State’s Latest Attack of President Trump

It is more than coincidental that AG Garland sent out this message at the same time that President Trump and others are asking for the good guys in the DOJ (if there are any left) to stand up and share with Congress on the corrupt actions taking place in Biden’s corrupt DOJ.

If Garland’s memo is interpreted as ordering DOJ employees not to go to Congress with information on crimes taking place within the DOJ, then Garland broke the law.

If true, that would violate 5 U.S.C. §7211 (the Lloyd-La Follette Act).


— Jason Foster (@JsnFostr) August 30, 2022

The purpose of these laws is to allow Congress to perform its Constitutional functions.

3/3. And, here’s the nonpartisan GAO opinion that is cited in the letter above, explaining the history and purpose of these laws—to ensure Congress has the info needed to perform its Constitutional functions.

— Jason Foster (@JsnFostr) August 30, 2022

Biden/Obama’s DOJ commits crimes and then commits more crimes to cover them up. 

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