The FBI arrested Attorney Kellye Sorelle on Thursday morning after she secretly told attorneys for Oath Keepers founder Stewart Rhoades that she would testify in defense of Stewart.

Proud Boys founder Enrique Tarrio, Bianca Gracia, the co-founder and president of Latinos for Trump Organization, attorney Kellye SoRelle and Oath Keepers founder Stewart Rhodes on January 5, 2021, in a Washington DC parking garage.

Tarrio was discussing security with Bianca Gracia whose group was holding a rally on January 6th near the US Capitol. The rally was cancelled after the violence started breaking out at the US Capitol.

The Biden Justice Department charged Enrique Tarrio in June with “seditious conspiracy” for his role in the January 6 protests and riots — a completely made-up charge with no basis in fact. This was done days before the first hearing in order to give more gravitas to the regime’s show trial. They do this sort of thing in banana republics and third-world hell-holes.

The DOJ is using this Tarrio meeting with Stewart Rhodes as evidence of a “seditious conspiracy.”

Last week Attorney Kellye SoRelle spoke with the current attorneys for Stewart Rhodes.

SoRelle agreed to testify in defense of Stewart Rhodes.

Today, one week later, the FBI swooped in and arrested Kellye SoRelle at her home in south Texas.

This was one week after she secretly agreed to testify in defense of Rhodes who is a primary target of the Stasi-FBI.

The Gateway Pundit spoke with the attorneys for Stewart Rhodes earlier today.

…We will be updating this post throughout the day.

The Gateway Pundit founder Jim Hoft and Patty McMurray from 100 Precent Fed Up interviewed Kellye and Stewart last year after the January 6 protests.

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