The far-left hated President Trump for his efforts to put America first but Never-Trumper Republicans hated him too.  Trump went around their political machines and became President. 

These haters did all they could to create stories that side-tracked legitimate investigations into the stolen 2020 Election.  One effort was labeled the Italian Job or Italygate.

As noted yesterday, the far-left Washington Post reported that the event labeled the Italian job (or Italygate) was really the brainchild of an elderly woman known to embellish the truth.  She conjured up the story of an outlandish tale of how an Italian defense contractor had conspired with U.S. intelligence to rig the 2020 presidential contest.

The WaPo reported:

According to the conspiracy theory known as “Italygate,” people working for the Italian defense contractor, in coordination with senior CIA officials, used military satellites to switch votes from Trump to Joe Biden and swing the result of the election.

The Origins of the Long Forgotten ‘Italygate’ Story Are Reportedly Identified – The Solution to the 2020 Election Remains to Forensically Audit the Ballots

The WaPo’s piece includes some information on Italygate but there is much more.  The WaPo discussed one individual:

Though her name was not mentioned in either document, both Virginia organizations are led by Michele Roosevelt Edwards, according to state corporate filings reviewed by The Washington Post. Edwards is a former Republican congressional candidate who built a reputation as an advocate for the Somali people and as someone who could negotiate with warlords and pirates in the war-torn region.

Here’s more on Edwards:

But Ms. Edwards was not alone, her counterpart is another Republican by the name of Maria Zack:

Ms. Zack was no stranger to the White House.  She and her husband have pushed various unfounded stories.

Brad Johnson and Doug Billings were quick to repeat the Italygate story as soon as it came out.

Brad Johnson claims he is a retired CIA officer.  He was one of the first to publicize the Italian Job along with General McInerny.  Garrett Zeigler from the Trump White House also pushed the story.

In Italy, an attorney reportedly discussed the Italian job with an individual in jail who claimed to be the culprit who changed ballots in the US.  He reportedly created an affidavit to say such.  Two individuals who were labeled as MI6 were reportedly located in Italy too.

The individual who reportedly switched the US Election votes in Italy was a man by the name of Arturo D’Elia.  Pictures of him were released.  He was said to be with his wife but we can’t confirm that is his wife.

It would be incredibly embarrassing to those who believed in the Italian Job to find out the stories of the main character and his wife were not legitimate.  Maybe that is why they were inserted into the storyline?

This story, known as ‘Italygate’ or ‘the Italian Job’, was put together to destroy President Trump.  It wasn’t true.  If the Trump team bought into this story (or any story like it) and they were found to be pushing a storyline that was not true (like data from the US Election was manipulated overseas and inserted back into the election) they would lose all credibility in the public square and any efforts to prove election fraud (which there are many) would be ignored and forgotten.

The answer was and still is to forensically review the ballots.  Every single ballot in every state should be forensically reviewed.  What happened in 2020 should never happen again. 

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