Trump-Endorsed Kari Lake has taken the lead over Mike Pence-endorsed Karrin Taylor Robson in the Republican Primary for Arizona Governor.

Lake will now face radical leftist Secretary of State Katie Hobbs in the General Election.

Kari Lake led in every poll (except one outlier) by 10 points!

Now multiple polls in the last couple of days showing Kari Lake with the lead in AZ-GOV GOP primary@OHPredictive (Lake +18)@Data_Orbital (Lake +11)@AlloyAnalytics (Lake +10)@trafalgar_group (Lake +9):

— Alex Isenstadt (@politicoalex) July 29, 2022

Robson outperformed by nearly 20 points!

The Gateway Pundit reported late last night that Kari Lake’s nameless RINO opponent was leading Kari Lake in another developing Raffensperger Special.

AZ GOP PRIMARY — Another Raffensperger Special! — Kari Lake Falls Behind Pence-Endorsed Candidate Karrin Robson in Gubernatorial Race

Kari Lake was down 10 points, but everyone knew that she was going to win this race.

Shortly after this was reported, Kari Lake gave a speech and declared, “There is no path to victory for my opponent, and we won this race.”

Patriots saw and reported massive voter irregularities and voting fraud committed on Election Day yesterday.

The Gateway Pundit reported on the massive issues that were present the moment polls opened with printers not working, voters being told they already voted, and improper training of poll watchers.

BREAKING: Maricopa County Election Day Incompetence – PRINTERS NOT WORKING, Voters Told They’ve ALREADY VOTED, Polling Locations Not Seen On AZSOS Webpage – UPDATES

At one point, Pinal County and Pima County actually ran out of ballots, and voters were reportedly turned away from the polls.

Despite this massive fix, Kari Lake has officially taken the lead.

In reality, she likely won by much bigger margins, but the election day irregularities caused a massive number of discrepancies and issues for MAGA Election Day-only voters.

At 12:33 am, Kari walked onto the stage to declare this historic victory over the Establishment Republicans, saying, “We are going to win the nominee for Republican Governor.”

Her crowd was still huge in the middle of the night.

She also spoke about the corrupt election that occurred, and her plan to secure elections starting on day one, saying,

Lake: We’re in this because of the corruption, and we need somebody who’s honest to turn it around. And we knew our elections were corrupt. We’re still going to turn that corruption around and root it out when I’m governor. I really want you to know that we will end with honest elections. And we’re going to do that the first week I’m in office.

We have got to have legislation to turn these elections around. No more corrupt elections, no more BS. We will not take it. And I know we’re gonna make that happen.

Just ten minutes later, Kari celebrated her victory by speaking to the crowd again with her whole Campaign team on stage. Kari graciously thanked the Patriots for their support.

Lake: You gotta take a look at the greatest that politics has ever seen. We just polled ahead of our opponent, who spent $26 million to defeat the best movement in Arizona politics. We started this, and I didn’t know how to get into politics. I called the AZGOP and said, ‘I want to run for office. what do I do?’

We are going to defeat Katie Hobbs. We’re going to kick her out of Arizona. Katie, go to California. That’s where you belong. And we are going to usher in the greatest era of politics and living in Arizona that you’ve ever seen. Thank you so much, everyone. I really appreciate it. I love you.

Patriots in Arizona overcame the primary election fraud!

This was a MASSIVE win for MAGA and for the future of this country!


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