The Missouri Supreme Court ruled on Friday that far-left St. Louis Circuit Attorney Kimberly Gardner must turn over communications with Soros operatives and Missouri political insiders related to her false case against former Missouri Governor Eric Greitens.

Former Governor Eric Greitens posted this tweet this afternoon.

BREAKING: Missouri Supreme Court orders Soros-funded prosecutor Kim Gardner to turn over communications with George Soros and Missouri political insiders related to her false case against Eric Greitens

— Eric Greitens (@EricGreitens) April 8, 2022

A Missouri Appeals Court upheld a previous judge’s ruling in January against Soros-funded St. Louis Circuit Attorney Kim Gardner.

The court unanimously ruled Kim Gardner failed to file a timely response to reporter John Solomon from Just the News for information on her communications with political insiders and Soros operatives.

Kim Gardner already faces a misconduct probe for illicit conduct in her plot to take down popular Missouri Governor Eric Greitens.

A court last year found that Kim Gardner engaged in 62 acts of misconduct and 79 false representations in her prosecution of Eric Greitens.

BREAKING: Soros-Funded St Louis Prosecutor Kim Gardner Engaged in 62 Acts of Misconduct and 79 False Representations in Prosecution of Eric Greitens

On Friday the Missouri Supreme Court ordered Gardner to comply with the public records request to turn over her communications with Soros organizations.

Via Just the News:

The public records request sought documents related to Gardner’s fizzled 2018 prosecution of Greitens, who resigned from the governorship less than two years into his term.

The prosecutor accused Greitens of felony invasion of privacy for allegedly threatening to release a photo of his partially nude girlfriend if she talked about their affair. However, Gardner had to drop the case after admitting she lacked the alleged photo and facing the prospect of being called as a witness in the case by Greteins’ lawyers.

Initially, Gardner ignored the public records request and then claimed that the documents did not fall under the state’s Sunshine Law. Solomon’s suit alleged that Gardner’s refusal was a knowing violation of the law and sought release of the records, civil penalties and attorneys’ fees.

The state Supreme Court refused to hear Gardner’s final appeal on Thursday. On Friday, the court sent the case back to trial court, while ordering that her office produce the requested records within 30 days. The court also ordered that Solomon be paid attorney’s fees and costs for the appeal.

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