The Cyber Ninja audit team and the hundreds of volunteers may not know this but they followed Jovan Pulitzer’s method in the Arizona audit and the Democrats are terrified.

The audit performed by the Cyber Ninja’s of the results of the 2020 Election in Maricopa County is best in class.  We don’t say this because we like President Trump and want to know the truth, we say this from a professional standpoint as well.  (Joe Hoft spent over 20 years performing IT, financial, operational and compliance audits around the world in numerous countries.)

NOT ALL AUDITS ARE THE SAME – Here’s Why the Arizona Senate’s Audit of Maricopa County’s Results in the 2020 Election Is BEST IN CLASS

The Democrats are working so hard to besmirch and slander the audit taking place in Maricopa County because they must feel that is their only option.  It seems clear that the Democrats upon stealing the election thought it was over but thanks to the people in Maricopa County, and the courageous members of the Arizona Legislature, it is not.

The audit in Maricopa County encompasses more than 60% of the votes in Arizona.  If there is fraud in Arizona, it is very likely it will be found in this audit.

AZCentral (AZC), which is a local far-left media outlet, released an article today pointing out the differences between the ‘audits’ in Maricopa County and the real best in class audit being performed right now in the county.  

Ballot Counters

In regards to counting the ballots, AZC notes that 47,000 ballots were hand-counted by individuals in the county.  What they don’t say is that the ballots were selected by those overseeing the election.  They could have easily selected ballots they knew were fine.  Also, they just counted the ballots and didn’t audit them for forensic issues like folds, ink, paper types, etc.  This exercise of counting 47,000 ballots is worthless and a waste of time and money.  It provides no value since it’s a sample that is selected by those who are supposedly being checked.  It’s not an audit exercise it is a worthless and outdated quality check exercise.

They claim Cyber Ninjas didn’t have Democrats involved without mentioning that the offer to assist with the Cyber Ninjas was open to all but Dems didn’t volunteer.  Also, they neglect to note the Cyber Ninjas forensically audited every ballot in the County – all 2.1. million of them – not a hand-picked sample by those whose processes were being audited.

Candidate Participation

AZC notes no candidates participated in the worthless count exercise noted above, but one individual they claim who was a candidate was involved in the Cyber Ninja audit.  What is not shared is the length of time the candidate was in the audit area and what task he performed.  They don’t mention that all were invited to take a tour of the process but no Democrats wanted to see what was going on.  This very poor turnout by Democrats indicates they are not interested in free and fair elections and that they have no faith that the current results don’t contain fraud.

The races ‘examined’

It doesn’t matter.  The Cyber Ninja’s processes are light years better than the state’s quality review.

Auditor Training

It doesn’t matter how much training you receive, if your audit process is garbage, your audit is garbage.  Because of this, the state’s work is a waste of time and effort.

Audit Methodology

AZC touts the individuals who put together the state’s methodology.  But they don’t tell you that this process is 40 years old.  It may have been the best you could do in 1980 but it is worthless today.  They they go on to besmirch Jovan Pulitzer and never mention that his methodology looks at every ballot, counts it, and forensically reviews it for legitimacy.  Pulitzer’s method forensically audits 2.1 million ballots, the state’s process counts 40,000.

Who pays for the audits?

The state blew thousands on their worthless outdated ballot counts they call an audit.

The audit performed by the Cyber Ninjas is massive and private funds are paying for it.   What is wrong with that?  The entire exercise by the Cyber Ninjas is transparent and no sampling is done.

Public Access

AZC claims the public was allowed access during the election.  But they forgot this:

Arizona Rep. Paul Gosar Denied Entry Into Maricopa County Elections Center as Ballots Are Counted

Media was allowed into the coliseum where the Cyber Ninja work was performed.  Nine cameras videotaped the event at all times 24 hours a day.  This is the most transparent audit ever – best in class.

How results are disclosed?

AZC forgets to mention that the Arizona counts went on and on with no end in sight.  Daily more ballots showed up with no mention of the total count from election night or where the ballots came from.

The Cyber Ninja audit results have not yet been released.  We know all the ballots have been counted and recounted.

How quickly results are tabulated?

AZC says within 20 days the results were counted and their worthless quality review was completed.  No mention of days before the results were finalized after Election Day. (Texas and Florida, much bigger states, were done on Election night.)

AZC mentions the County had the ballots loaded on trucks on March 2nd.  They didn’t mention that this was likely illegal as the ballots had not yet been requested by the Senate.  Where is the chain of custody on this event?  Who requested it and where did the ballots go before unloading the ballots off the trucks and returned to safekeeping?

Bottom line the Democrats are scared to death.  They can only call the Cyber Ninja names.  They know there is going to be a number of issues when the Cyber Ninja’s audit work is done.


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