A federal judge in Arizona has blocked a motion to quash a Congressional Subpoena requesting phone records by Plaintiffs Michael P. Ward and Kelli Ward, the State GOP Chairwoman.

The judge, Diane J. Humetewa, was appointed to the Arizona District Court by Barack Obama in 2013. According to Ballotpedia,

Diane Humetewa is a federal judge for the United States District Court for the District of Arizona. Prior to joining the court, she was a professor at the Sandra Day O’Conner College of Law at Arizona State University. Humetewa was nominated by Barack Obama to the United States District Court for the District of Arizona on September 19, 2013. She is the first active tribal female Native American to serve on a federal court.[1][2] The United States Senate confirmed Humetewa on May 14, 2014, on vote of 96-0.[3]

The Gateway Pundit previously reported that the sham Congressional investigation is targeting Arizona State Rep. Mark Finchem and Chairwoman Ward because they dared to fight for election integrity in Arizona. Both have been outspoken critics of the fraudulent 2020 election and strong advocates for the Maricopa County full forensic audit.

Liz Cheney’s Jan 6 Committee Subpoenas Arizona State Rep. Mark Finchem and Arizona GOP Chairwoman Kelli Ward

We have also reported on Marxist T-Mobile’s censorship of The Gateway Pundit articles.

In early January, we learned the tech giants are using a frightening new method to censor and control what you can see, read and discuss online. T-Mobile blocked our website links. You could not send any articles from TGP using T-mobile.

T-Mobile later ADMITTED that users sharing links of Gateway Pundit articles were BLOCKED.

T-Mobile Admits in Letter to Missouri Attorney General They Have Been Blocking Gateway Pundit Content in Text Messages — Insists It Was a Mistake

Now, T-Mobile will be allowed to work in cahoots with our corrupt government and provide private phone records to Congress for their hoax investigation.

According to court documents, “On or around January 25, 2022, Mole Medical received a letter from T-Mobile informing Mole Medical that T-Mobile had received a subpoena duces tecum from the Select Committee to investigate the January 6th attack. The subpoena required T-Mobile to produce information related to account 4220, including incoming and outgoing phone call records, their duration and associated phone numbers, and information about the callers.”

The subpoena to T-Mobile requested the following information:

1. Subscriber Information: All subscriber information for the Phone Number, including:a. Name, subscriber name, physical address, billing address, e-mail address, and any other address and contact information;
b. All authorized users on the associated account;
c. All phone numbers associated with the account;d. Length of service (including start date) and types of service utilized; e. Telephone or instrument numbers (including MAC addresses), Electronic Serial Numbers (“ESN”), Mobile Electronic Identity Numbers (“MEIN”) Mobile Equipment Identifier (“MEID”), Mobile Identification Numbers (“MIN”), Subscriber Identity Modules (“SIM”), Mobile Subscriber Integrated Services Digital Network Number (“MSISDN”), International Mobile Subscriber Identifiers (“MSI”), or International Mobile Equipment Identities (“IMEI”) associated with the accounts;f. Activation date and termination date of each device associated with the account;
g. Any and all number and/or account number changes prior to and after the account was activated;h. Other subscriber numbers or identities (including temporarily assigned network addresses and registration Internet Protocol (“IP”) addresses); and

2. Connection Records and Records of Session Times and Durations: All call, message (SMS & MMS), Internet Protocol (“IP*”), and data-connection detail records associated with the Phone Numbers, including all phone numbers, IP addresses, or devices that communicated with the Phone Number via delivered and undelivered inbound, outbound, and routed calls, messages, voicemail, and data connections.
The approved motion to dismiss the lawsuit will authorize T-Mobile to deliver this information to Congress for their politically motivated investigation.

JUST IN: A federal judge in Arizona has cleared the way for T-Mobile to provide the phone records of Arizona GOP Chair Kelli Ward to the Jan. 6 select committee, tossing Ward’s lawsuit to block a committee subpoena.https://t.co/6ZP2dD95J3 pic.twitter.com/4VEJFzHLFH

— Personal Blog Media News (@pbmnews) September 23, 2022

Liz Cheney’s Jan 6 Committee continues its assault on good Americans who want free and fair elections.

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