The conflicted audit in Windham, New Hampshire just incurred a major blow.  One of three auditors selected to perform the audit has exited from the team.

Last night we reported on how the auditors in the Windham, New Hampshire audit all have serious conflicts due to their activities with each other and the Democrat Party.


On Tuesday, UncoverDC’s Michelle Edwards exclusively reported,

On Tuesday, the auditors will conduct a forensic analysis of the voting machines, one of which had more difficulties with folded ballots than the others. Each memory card will need 90 minutes to read. With no explanation provided, details emerged late Monday that auditor Phillip Stark would not be present for the remainder of the audit, which leaves the inspection under the command of Harri Hursti and Mark Lindeman.

It is simply shocking that one of these auditors ups and leaves, quits, and neither the Windham board of selectmen nor the NH AG and SoS have said a word!

Losing an auditor places this election audit in direct violation of SB 43, the NH law which authorized this audit and it requires a team of three auditors, one selected by the Windham board of selectman (Mark Lindeman, acting executive director of Verified Voting), one by the NH Attorney General and Secretary State (Harri Hursti, Ph.D.) and one selected by those two auditors (Philip Stark, Ph.D.).

Why has the audit team, or Stark himself, provided no details as to why he walked away from his job?

Why did Stark pull out at the very moment that this team was to audit the hackable, insecure memory cards of these Diebold AccuVote Optical Scan (OS) machines? (The exact model no. is Diebold ES2000, shockingly also used by 137 other NH municipalities.)

Did Stark go MIA because he knows putting his name to an audit of these Diebold machines and memory cards could place his professional reputation at grave risk?

With Dr. Philip Stark making an unannounced bolt from this audit team, we have to wonder if word came down from on high from Speaker Pelosi, who appointed him, a high-ranking American computer scientist to his position on the EAC, to move on. Is he required elsewhere in another state, with yet another 2020 election audit about to blow up, needing to be crushed?

Stark, likely. wanted off this audit to salvage his professional reputation and be as far away as possible from putting his name on an audit report which asserts NH’s Diebold machines and the 90” audit of each and every memory card by the team has revealed all’s good, nothing to see here.

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