Joe Biden declared war on President Donald Trump and his 75 million supporters on Thursday night.

It was clearly the most disgusting speech given by any Ameerican president in the history of the republic.

At least one patriot interrupted his speech with a bullhorn.

Biden acknowledges someone with a bullhorn who is trying to disrupt his speech

— Aaron Rupar (@atrupar) September 2, 2022

Biden lied repeatedly about the economy, MAGA Republicans, the current state of America, and labeled his opposition white supremacists.

One protester was chanting “F*ck Joe Biden!”

Biden gets absolutely HUMILIATED by savage heckler yelling “F**CK JOE BIDEN”

— Benny Johnson (@bennyjohnson) September 2, 2022

The post BREAKING: **PATRIOT WITH BULLHORN** Interrupts Joe Biden’s Sick Speech — Protester Screams “F*ck Joe Biden!” (VIDEO) appeared first on The Gateway Pundit.


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