The first and only Swamp Prince Action Figure is available now. 

Order yours now!  Quantities are limited!

The first and only Swamp Prince Action Figure is available now but quantities are limited.


The Swamp Prince is among the world’s most enduring symbols of our untouchable elite with its vast network of enablers in the US Federal government and mainstream media.

This timeless masterpiece expresses the spirit of the uniparty leadership behind the series of Soviet show trials and rolling coups of 2016-2020 and the fraud perpetrated in the US Presidential Election.

Our lovingly hand-crafted figurine perfectly captures the Ivy League ideal of the Philosopher King and corruption as a way of life. Magnificently sculpted and hand painted with every attention to detail, this 5″ tall figurine is sourced from high-quality Ukrainian oligarch resin and is modeled directly from the authentic images found on the prince’s laptop.

The Swamp Prince is the most powerful DC influence deity that money can buy. This limited collector’s talisman is a must addition to the patronage shrine of every DC grifter.

** Get yours here now.

UPDATE– The website came under attack this morning. This is currently being addressed.

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