There are rumblings coming out of Brazil that the military is looking restless and potentially preparing for some sort of response to the 2022 Election in the country. 

Mathew Tyrmand shared this evening on Bannon that if the military is going to make a move it is going to be likely this week.

“The revolution is still not going to be televised.” “If there is going to be…[a] mechanism to bring the military in to stabilize society and to prove the fraud, then that is going to happen this week.”@MatthewTyrmand from Brazil on Bannon this evening

— Gretchen (@GretchenOO8) December 15, 2022

We’ve learned that the enemy of Brazil’s President Bolsonaro is dressing up as Bolsonaro followers and doing things that Bolsonaro supporters would never do.  This is similar to reports of left-wing communists in the US who showed up at the US Capitol on Jan 6 dressed as Trump supporters.

— Catherine (@catherinedbay) December 14, 2022

The crowds showing up in support of Bolsonaro are huge.  Are there any people who voted for the communist criminal Lula?


El Presidente Jair Bolsonaro; ha confirmado que el es el Jefe de las fuerzas Armadas y las Fuerzas Armadas lo respaldan.
Y están con el pueblo Brasileño.

42 días de Protestas por el Fraude Electoral… No verás en los Medios…

— dejanira silveira (@dejanirasilveir) December 12, 2022

Here is the entire interview with Mathew Tyrmand on the War Room this evening.


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