On Wednesday afternoon, Former Georgia State Representative Vernon Jones and former NYPD Commissioner Bernard Kerik received a walkthrough of the legendary Arizona audit process.

Then they absolutely DESTROYED an Arizona far-left reporter during a presser outside the audit center.

EPIC: Vernon Jones In Arizona – Only THREE Pallets Remain to be Counted – Officials Expecting HUGE Ballot Discrepancies

Rep. Jones is running for Governor of Georgia to replace the crooked Gov. Brian Kemp, to stop the asinine Stacey Abrams, and put Georgia first.

He has been a staunch promoter for the audit in GA.

Bernard Kerik was the Commissioner of the New York Police Department during the aftermath of the 9/11 attacks and he aided America’s Mayor Rudy Giuliani in the Arizona election hearing last November.

After examining the process of the audit, the two held a press briefing. Far-left Arizona reporter Jen Fifield just about cried as she got roasted for asking a biased and foolish question.

Drew Hernandez: You guys just got done touring the Arizona audit center floor. what is your reaction?

Vernon Jones: Let me tell you, in these days and times when you’re talking about election integrity and making sure that the process is transparent making sure that the process is fair every vote’s counted and counted properly legal votes that is, but I’m overwhelmed especially by the techniques that they used and the detail from examining the paper ballot, from examining the ink, is this real ink versus let’s say copy ink if you will?  The number of processes you have to go through the steps how each individual station is well-coordinated and well recorded in terms of cameras and the checkpoints and the recheck and the balancing involved through the process very thorough I’m very impressed by that, very impressed.

Bernard Kerik: I would say the same thing about accountability on the floor. Not only do they have the side cameras the overhead cameras, but each station also has a supervisor. You know the accountability to me is extremely important and Vernon and I both agreed the process here is phenomenal I mean really really well done, well thought out from the count to the imaging back to the total count it’s really welcome.

Vernon Jones: One thing that strikes people too this is not a recount this is a real forensic audit and sometimes the people get the two mixed up but this type of deep dive on the process of the elections how things were carried out the chain of custody all of those details when you look down there, one way or the other they’re gonna bring some interesting facts and as an observer wanting to come out here to see what was going on how this is taking place there’s no secret that there is going to be an audit pretty soon for the most part and when we look at this and see how this is going this is I hope that this will be the process that we follow when we get back to Georgia. I’ll tell you this you know most times people’s minds are on Georgia but I can tell you right now not only George but everybody’s minds are on Arizona.  This is to the heart of election integrity it’s like Ronald Reagan used to say it’s not that we don’t trust you we just want to verify and those who are interested in election integrity those who are interested in making sure there’s a free and transparent election nobody this is nonpartisan this is very nonpartisan everybody wants to make sure this happens so I again I’m impressed with the process here and I’m looking forward to the report and seeing what the results will be.

TGP’s Jordan Conradson: Mr. Jones, prior to coming here what were you hearing from the mainstream media and some of your colleagues regarding this process?

Jones: You can kind of see media is becoming, in so many ways, I would say an activist. they’re activist journalists now as opposed to stating the facts and let people decide. Some were saying wait a minute there’s been a recount there is no fraud there’s no this there’s no that and maybe that’s true but let’s verify that let’s just make sure what do we have to hide what are we afraid of? Normally you would think journalists want to investigate when they hear stuff like this for the public trust, and what this is about more than anything else is the public trust. Many do not feel comfortable so this is a way to say hey your questions that were unanswered are now getting answered if there are no issues then everybody’s happy but if there are issues, it’s a learning experience we can fill those gaps we can make sure that this process and all the loopholes are filled and this is done in a way that everybody feels comfortable so I’m not here taking one side or the other I’m here as an observer and I appreciate again those who made this available for me ’cause it’s a learning process. I wish every citizen in this country could see what’s going on down there I think just in that itself it gives them comfortability that we’re trying to get to the bottom of those unanswered questions and if there are some issues that gives the legislature and others an opportunity to resolve those issues and again so we can have something that we all feel has integrity behind it.

Jen Fifield: Would you want to recount the 2020 election or would you want this to be the process for every election moving forward, you see a full recount of votes full forensic audit on every election?

Jones: Well, that’s the thing about America and about our constitution people have a right to litigate. What is wrong with it? That’s their constitutional rights and then just can make that decision I can tell you this before we can go forward on any election we should want to make sure that every election going forward is free, is transparent, people feel comfortable and that it works.  We’re not a third world country, we’re not Venezuela and I think it’s a good thing that people have a right to express their concerns.

Remember Stacey Abrams in 2018 she was so disappointed she cried foul she said there was fraud and she found a case against Georgia now I didn’t see the press come in just like “wait why are you doing this that everything is fine there are no issues why you talking about fraud?” Not only this, she goes so far as to litigate it but even when they settle in what I would call an executive settlement they actually used Stacy’s law over the state statute in 2020 and the 2021 run-off and you and I both know that according to the constitution only the members of the general assembly, state statutes, state legislatures are the only ones that can change or create election laws, not the executive branch, not the judicial branch but when you look at but they did that settlement agreement in Georgia with that governor and the Secretary of State and they’re turning generals involved with Stacey Abrams they use an executive document a legal agreement ’cause it was confirmed by the courts to put in our election laws how can that be a part of our election law if it wasn’t written into law? It has to be written into law. so in itself when you look at the drop off boxes they were not in our state statute, the verification the signature verification that Stacey had in that settlement agreement which is we call Stacey’s law, that was not in our state statute.  So just like she was involved and wanted to execute her constitutional rights and the media were all with her at least some of them were. I think it’s valid for anybody, any citizen but I’m here for both Democrats and Republicans I’m here for the people to make sure that we have a free and transparent election that everybody feels comfortable with and that’s all, no more no less.

Hernandez: Mr. Jones you speak about being here for Republicans and Democrats. Have you had any experiences in Georgia of Democrats or people that identify with the left that have wanted to see these types of results or look into this election? ’cause I think this gets left out in the media right it’s just a Republican thing it’s a conservative thing but are there actually Democrats and people on the left that are like maybe we should look into this too have you experienced anything like that?

Jones: You know I’ve been a lifelong Democrat. Conservative at that.  And its no secret that I changed parties, the Republican Party I have as many Democrats who know me who knows how I call balls and strikes I have so many Democrats have called and said, “I may have one other person to win but I do want to make sure my vote was counted and then wait a minute I agree, those drop all boxes we’ve never experienced that in Georgia where those boxes guarded 24/7?” And they weren’t so I even have Democrats who are questioning that so let me tell you this is about election integrity this about every citizen in Georgia and this is about getting to the bottom of it and making sure that we have a system that works. if Dominion and its system is not working properly then we want them to know. As matter of fact I’m surprised that Dominion is not here as a person, as an observer like me 24/7 to watch the process maybe they can learn something from here that’s my question I asked earlier where’s Dominion, why aren’t they here? And in Georgia we used Dominion for the very first time, so we never had an opportunity having experience with Dominion so you would think even our Secretary of State and others would be involved and want a forensic audit. I asked my governor, “Hey governor why don’t you through executive order ask for a forensic audit?” Now why would someone fight just checks and balances why would someone wanna fight that unless they have something to hide?

Jen Fifield: You want this to be a fair process. I completely understand, like you said, a reporter should be all about fair elections too. I mean I absolutely am if there’s any fraud I want to see that too right? That would make a good headline right?

Jones: Well, I would think so but I don’t know if you’ve asked those questions or done any investigations. I’ll answer your question but don’t you agree that this should be happening?

Jen Fifield: I’m not going to give you any personal opinion but I just wanted to talk to you about some of the things-

Jones: Well, do you have an angle?

Jen Fifield: Yeah

Jones: Do you want fairness and transparency?

Christina Bobb: Would you recommend other states to come out and see what’s happening in Arizona?

Jones: That’s why I’m here right now. I’m here representing Georgia ’cause we know what happened in Georgia we also know again that Stacey’s law superseded the state law, in terms of our election process. We also know that there is so many people in Georgia that are so concerned that it’s legitimate. We’ve asked our governor said everything is fine. If everything’s fine then let’s have a forensic audit. what they’re doing down there right now gets to the root cause. If you did something wrong or you didn’t I think what bothers me is when you have those in the liberal media who is trying to do everything they can to stop this audit. You would think with their investigative journalistic powers or whatever they would too be involved and getting to the bottom of this. you know I notice when Stacey Abrahms crime file about election fraud and found a lawsuit they egged that on nobody questioned where she was getting her money from no not a single, and they were public ballots you know she was questioning my vote and everybody else’s vote and I think that’s a good thing that’s what makes us different from Venezuela and these socialist countries that we have a constitutional right and so I haven’t seen anybody doing anything wrong is someone says someone broke the law let me know I’m glad they’re doing it as a matter of fact I think I’m gonna make a donation to to the private company at private dollars I’m gonna make a donation to help them doing their doing because I saw those dedicated men and women down there who are volunteers who are working extremely hard to answer a lot of these questions and so if it’s legal and I can make a donation goes Arizona’s no conflict in Georgia I would like to make a donation to them ’cause I think this is worth it but I think there’s a good cause.

This process is so efficient and effective that others from nearly 10 states as of today want to clone it in their home state.

More observers of this audit disprove the ridiculous narrative that this process is anything but a secure, transparent and constitutional process. Vernon Jones asked some good questions of those who are suspicious of the process.  

Why isn’t Dominion or Democrats on sight observing the process? What are they afraid of?

WATCH Fifield get FLAMED by Bernard Kerik and Vernon Jones in the video below:


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