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The Gateway Pundit reported last week about an unnamed Los Angeles father who turned the tables on masked intruders threatening his family. Since then he has identified himself and revealed some news that will leave your blood boiling.

This week Vince Ricci appeared in a video for the National Rifle Association, which he is a member of, and said that the state of California has has suspended his constitutional right to own a firearm.

After successfully defending my home and my family and my five-month-old child, California has now decided to suspend my Second Amendment rights.


Believe it or not, the news gets scarier. Ricco revealed to Fox News the alarming reason he lost his right to own a concealed firearm was because he allegedly yelled at cops when they visited his home three days ago. Yes, he supposedly raised his voice to the police and now he can no longer effectively defend himself.

Think about this. If the police can take away your God-given Second Amendment right for being confrontational with authorities, does the slippery slope ever end?

The LA Sheriff’s office has not commented to Fox News on the matter.

On November 4, a pair of masked intruders got more than bargained for after picking the wrong man to mess with.

One of the thugs raced up and put a gun to Ricci’s back just as he was about to walk into his home, which is located in the affluent Mid-City neighborhood in LA.

But just when one thinks the thieves have the upper hand, they get a nasty surprise when the dad pulled out his gun and opened fire. The scumbags fired back and then ran away.

Footage captured by KABC revealed the moment the incident occurred.

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