Rep. Lauren Boebert, a Colorado Republican, posted a Twitter video on Tuesday in which she held a cutout of Vice President Kamala Harris, who has failed to visit the border more than 70 days after President Joe Biden designated her to confront the nation’s immigration crisis.

Boebert made the video in McAllen, Texas, where she just visited. The congresswoman shared the footage on Twitter to draw attention to Harris’ absence from the border.

“You can’t just hear about what’s happening. You have to come down here to see for yourself to really understand the devastating reality at our southern border,” Boebert said.

“So I brought Kamala down to see exactly what this regime is responsible for with their man-made crisis,” Boebert continued.

Earlier in the video, Boebert criticized Harris for the rise in illegal immigration, the flood of sex offenders into the country, and other immigration-related concerns.

“Illegal aliens crossing the border, that’s up. Sex offenders crossing the border, that’s up. Drug trafficking, gun smuggling, human smuggling, that’s up,” she said.

“You know what’s not up at the southern border? Respect for law and order, funding for our Border Patrol. And where is the media to cover this crisis?” as Rep. Boebert called out Harris.

“More than 70 days ago, Biden named cackling Kamala as border czar but she hasn’t done a single thing to protect the American people,” Rep. Boebert added.

“Now, Kamala, I want you to stand here and look at what you’ve done,” as the video ends with the cutout of VP Harris being propped up.

I went to the southern border to see what’s up, but I didn’t go alone…

— Rep. Lauren Boebert (@RepBoebert) June 8, 2021

The criticism came as Harris attempted to confront the recent wave of illegal immigrants many of whom were from Guatemala, crossing the country’s southern border.

AOC responded on Twitter to VP Harris’ take on telling migrants ‘Do not come. Do not come.’

This is disappointing to see.

First, seeking asylum at any US border is a 100% legal method of arrival.

Second, the US spent decades contributing to regime change and destabilization in Latin America. We can’t help set someone’s house on fire and then blame them for fleeing.

— Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (@AOC) June 7, 2021

More than 178,000 encounters with migrants trying to cross the border were reported by US Customs and Border Protection in April.

According to Fox News, Harris said at a press conference, “We, as one of our priorities, will discourage illegal migration. I believe you will be turned back if you come to our border.”

“Border Patrol has released more than 60,000 migrants into the United States without a court date since Biden took office, asking them to simply report to Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) instead,” Fox reported.


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