A gunfight broke out in St. Louis city this week when a citizen caught four car thieves breaking into cars.

One resident who spoke about the event showed off a piece of his house that was struck by gunfire.  He shared:

I was in Afghanistan and I don’t think a bullet came that close to me.  You know I was only a few feet away from where a bullet struck [his house] that wall.  Scared me pretty good and there was a chunk of brick missing out of my house where it meets the window of the room I was in.  So that’s pretty scary.”

One person who didn’t want to be identified says his car was hit.

I woke up to gun shots and then after checking the camera saw that this car was getting broken into.  That’s when gun shots started going off.  After police got here, came outside, saw my truck had been shot, the windshield shot out and two side windows.

One resident said,

It’s just really sad how things have been going lately.  I just want it to stop.

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