A video that has now gone viral shows a member of the royal guard passing out during a public ceremony while standing next to the coffin of the Queen inside the Palace of Westminster.

A change of Royal Guards was set to take place as seen in the video while hundreds of mourners were queuing outside the cathedral to pay their respects.

One of the guards appeared to be trembling and nearly collapsed, falling off the podium.

A few seconds later, however, he passed out and slumped forward, faceplanting onto the floor.

The live stream from BBC was cut immediately while police were rushing to help the fallen guard.

Watch the video:

A Royal guard at the Queen’s coffin during the Lying-in-State has collapsed. The Guard nearly collapsed moments earlier. pic.twitter.com/xDXVlBx4bL

— Moshe Schwartz (@YWNReporter) September 14, 2022

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