China’s Xinhua News taunted the US over the massive 20-year failure in Afghanistan.

The entire venture collapsed this past week after Joe Biden removed troops, left the terrorists billions of dollars worth of military weapons and is now scrambling to save the thousands of remaining US citizens stranded in the country.

Afghanistan will forever be a stain in world history thanks to Joe Biden.

Xinhua News also mocked the poor Afghans who fell to their death clinging to a US plane leaving the Kabul Airport.

As Steve Bannon says, “Elections have consequences. Stolen elections have major consequences.”

When you feel life is going nowhere, just think: with
4 U.S. presidents
20 years
2 trillion dollars
2,300 soldiers’ lives…
the regime of Afghanistan changes from Taliban to… Taliban

— China Xinhua News (@XHNews) August 22, 2021

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