Don Lemon was called out by one of his crazy CNN analysts thisweek in a discussion about the Jan 6 garbage conspiracy charges against President Trump.  

Mediaite reported on the CNN exchange yesterday:

CNN analyst Phil Mudd sparred with Don Lemon Thursday over whether former President Donald Trump actually believed he won the 2020 election, or he simply did not want to relinquish power.

During an analysis of the third House select committee hearing over the Capitol attack, Lemon invoked witness testimony.

Former Trump attorney John Eastman allegedly told White House lawyer Eric Herschmann he did not care if challenging the election results ended violently.

On Don Lemon Tonight, the host asked Mudd if he thought Trump knew the election was fair, but chose to accept potential violence to litigate the results.

“Is it clear to you that Trump was also willing to accept violence to stay in power?” Lemon asked, to which Mudd responded, “Heck no.”

Trump spokeswoman Liz Harrington weighed in on Lemon’s schooling.

When even your CNN analysts say you have no case in your latest assault on President Trump, you know your case is lost.

The real conspiracy was carried out by those who stole the 2020 Election, the Democrats, RINO leaders of the Republican Party, the liberal fake news media, Big Tech, the Justice Department, and several others.


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