Back in August The Gateway Pundit reported that corrupt Milwaukee Election Director Claire Woodall-Vogg was giving daily reports on voting data to Democrat operative Michael Spitzer-Rubenstein and private liberal organizations before the election on exactly who was voting. This occurred in the runup of the November election.

This is highly suspect activity and likely illegal.  She has never been investigated for this obvious suspect activity.

Claire Woodall-Vogg also was exchanging emails on election night joking about “delivering the margin needed” to flip the state from a large Trump win to a Biden victory. This email was sent around the same time a still unexplained drop of over 140,000 ballots for Joe Biden was dumped in Milwaukee in the wee hours of the morning.

Claire Woodall-Vogg was working alone late at night on November 4th with the voting machines in Milwaukee. Her actions then were suspect, now they are borderline criminal.

Developing: Milwaukee Elections Chief Lost Elections Flash Drive in Morning Hours of November 4th When Democrats Miraculously Found 120,000 Votes for Joe Biden

Since our reporting on The Gateway Pundit this week Claire Woodall-Vogg claims she is being threatened.

The FBI and Milwaukee Police Department are reportedly investigating the claims.

And earlier this week CNN carried water for Claire Woodall-Vogg defending her and running the alleged threats on their propaganda network.

CNN claims our reporting was a lie which is completely absurd and inaccurate. We included all of the screengrabs and video with our reports on Woodall-Vogg.

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