This is Biden’s military.  The commander of 1st Lieutenant Mark Bashaw, who is facing court-martial for standing up against COVID mandates, sent Bashaw a packing list before his trial.  

We reported on 1st Lieutenant Mark Bashaw’s case last week.  One of the creepy Vindman twins is the staff judge advocate in the case.  These twins were connected to the unconstitutional and treasonous coup against President Trump.  Now one of these goons is overseeing the case against a soldier standing for his rights.

BIDEN’S AMERICA: Creepy Vindman Twin Is the Staff Judge Advocate in the Court-Martial of 1st Lieutenant Mark Bashaw over COVID Mandates

This morning we can report that the 1st Lieutenant’s commanding officer sent Bashaw a packing list.  The list was not sent to Bashaw’s attorney.  The list was sent before any trial.  This is a very unprofessional act by a very corrupt military.

MWJRCF Packing List Updated 26 MAR 19 by Jim Hoft on Scribd

The Army Times reports:

1st Lt. Mark Bashaw’s arraignment is “pending” on three specifications of “failure to obey lawful orders,” said Becca Nappi, a spokesperson for the installation.

Although other troops have faced discipline for failing to follow COVID-19 protocols, Bashaw is the first case in the Army referred to a court-martial for such incidents, Army spokeswoman Col. Cathy Wilkinson confirmed in a statement to Army Times.

Bashaw is the former headquarters company commander for the Army Public Health Center, which oversees occupational and environmental health initiatives for the service.

He’s charged with refusing an order to telework and showing up to Aberdeen Proving Ground “after failing to submit a negative COVID-19 test or [submit]” to a test, Nappi said. The installation requires that unvaccinated personnel submit a negative test result before entering their worksites, according to its website.

Bashaw also is charged with allegedly refusing to leave and “wrongfully remaining at his place of duty” after his failure to get tested, according to Nappi.

The officer is also charged with refusing to wear a mask while indoors, Nappi added. All Aberdeen Proving Ground troops are required to wear masks indoors regardless of their vaccination status…

Sending the 1st Lieutenant packing list and not his attorneys was abusive and not exactly ‘innocent until proven guilty’.

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