In India, a man dies suddenly on stage from a heart attack minutes after delivering a speech on stage during an election campaign.

Amar Nade, of Latur City, a district in the Indian state of Maharashtra, died suddenly on Wednesday after suffering a heart attack while campaigning for his wife in the Sarpanch polls in Latur, according to local newspaper Loksatta.

Gram Panchayat (village council) elections are currently going on in the state of Maharashtra, India.

Amar was campaigning for his wife Amrita, who was running as a candidate for the post of Sarpanch, or the head of a village.

According to the reports, Amar spoke for 25 minutes during the election campaign. After that, he sat down on a chair on the stage, where he suddenly collapsed from a massive heart attack.

He reportedly complained to his wife about chest pain. He collapsed and slid off the chair as his wife tried to save him.

People immediately rushed to his aid. The shocking incident was captured on video.

Watch the video below:

According to Free Press Journal, Nade was cremated on Thursday and most parties stopped their campaigning for the day as a mark of respect.

The crowd at his funeral indicates that he was loved by many.

Watch the video below:

An alarming increase in incidents of people dropping dead has been reported in India.

Indian gym trainer in Ghaziabad, India had a heart attack and died suddenly while sitting in a chair on Sunday evening.

#NDTVBeeps | Video: Ghaziabad Gym Trainer Dies Of Heart Attack While Sitting On Chair

— NDTV (@ndtv) October 19, 2022

Last month, an artiste in Jammu died after collapsing on stage in the middle of his performance. The clip was viral on social media and showed Yogesh Gupta, dressed as Goddess Parvati, performing at the Ganesh Utsav in Bishnah area of Jammu.

Another dropped dead. Stage artist Yogesh Gupta dies on stage while performing. Due to sudden heart attack, in Kothey village, Bishnah, Jammu.
Many doctors have been warning of similar disaster since the ^ roll out. #SuddenAdultDeathSyndrome


— Empire Diaries (@diaries_empire) September 8, 2022

Another video is making rounds online after a man died suddenly while dancing in the street of Gujarat City, India.

Watch the video below:

A man “dies suddenly” while dancing. The incident took place in Gujarat City, India.

— Revencher (@WSchut) October 18, 2022

In June, another man died while working out in a gym in Palamu, Jharkhand. 37-year-old Paplu Dixit was doing workouts in the gym according to his routine on Thursday. After half an hour of workout, he started hitting the press. During this, he stayed for a while and then fell down after gasping. He died on the spot. CCTV footage from inside the gym has surfaced, Bharat Times reported.

Watch the video below:

India: A Man “Dies Suddenly” While Working Out At The Gym #DiedSuddenly (June 2022)

In Jharkhand’s Palamu district, a young man who had come to work out in the gym suddenly died. Let us tell that the young man had gone to the gym on Thursday morning to exercise.

— AIM Hardoi-U.P. (@AimHardoi) September 11, 2022

Here are more videos of people collapsing:

Actor Suffers Sudden Heart Attack India 2022. As it kicks in he managed to deliver another line before it takes him.

— Hello Dave (@David83823494) December 19, 2022

एक और Heart Attack, शादी में डांस करते आया हर्ट अटैक, महिला की हो गई मौत #News18HindiOriginals

— News18 India (@News18India) December 16, 2022

भारत India
अकस्मात् मौत -मृत्यु-heart attack !!
कौन जिम्मेदार है ।बूटी काम कर रही है।
सरकार चुप है ।

— Adv Mahipal Singh Badotkar (@badotkar_adv) December 14, 2022

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