New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy spent Saturday night in New York City at Bruce Springsteen’s show on Broadway.

Somehow his many detractors caught wind of his plans and met him outside the New York City theater.

The irate crowd did not hold back screaming, “Governor Gestapo! Communist! Piece of Sh*t!” at the far left governor as he entered the theater.

Governor Murphy, a Wall Street millionaire, is famous for destroying New Jersey businesses, arresting business owners and sending sick COVID patients into nursing homes.

Is it a surprise that the people hate this elitist thug?

The crowd outside the the theaters hissed, heckled and screamed at the New Jersey Governor as he entered the Broadway play.

Here’s video via Freedom News TV.

Governor Murphy later tweeted out about his moving and magical evening.

An incredibly moving and magical opening night of @springsteen on Broadway. The Boss is back!

— Governor Phil Murphy (@GovMurphy) June 27, 2021

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