VOX Party leaders at Spain rally.

Conservatives and populists won big in the Spanish elections on Monday.

The Spaniards finally dumped their the Socialist radicals who have led the country for years.

The socialist party lost 11 out of their 22 big city mayors and the radical left lost several seats in parliament.

Great day in Spain whete the Left lost big in today’s regional and municipal elections.

The socialist party lost 11 out of their 22 big city mayors & the radical left is out of many parliaments.

Center-right PP will need support from right-wing VOX to govern in most places. pic.twitter.com/utmdUphfxx

— Daniel Di Martino (@DanielDiMartino) May 29, 2023

Spanish regional elections serve as an example: the European majority leans right, not left.#Conservative parties triumphed: @ppopular garnered 31% of votes, surpassing @PSOE, while @vox_es tripled its seats, emerging as #Spain‘s fastest-growing party ─ setting the stage… pic.twitter.com/La9wghB6Zp

— Balázs Orbán (@BalazsOrban_HU) May 29, 2023

Euractiv reported:

Spain’s conservative Popular Party (PP/EPP) got the most votes in seven of the country’s 10 big cities in Sunday’s local elections, obtaining pluralities or majorities in Madrid, Valencia, Sevilla, Zaragoza, Malaga, Murcia and Palma. However, it would have to forge coalitions with the far-right party VOX in some regions.

The PP gains, if replicated in the general election due in December, could unseat the current left-wing coalition of the socialist party PSOE (S&D) and Unidas Podemos (EU Left), although if the conservative party wants to take control of the regions – known as autonomous communities – it will presumably have to form a coalition with the far-right VOX, EFE reported.

With the decline in popularity of the left-wing Unidas Podemos and the centrist Ciudadanos (Citizens), with the PP evidently taking the latter’s seats on the councils, Spain appears to have largely returned to a two-party system where the PSOE and PP hold sway over other groups on the left and right.

Here is an impressive video by VOX party released before the elections on Monday.

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