No man or woman who loves his or her country, religion, God, family and President Donald Trump will get a fair trial in a DC court.  The nation knows that and today another sad and unjust verdict came out of another DC court. 

Judge Reggie Jackson oversaw a jury trial where the likelihood of an unbiased jury is all but impossible.  He was fine with this because he wants it that way.  Judge Jackson’s court indicted a man on six counts for his actions on Jan 6.  The Nazi’s have taken over DC.  The judge and his court are part of this corrupt and radically biased group.

A jury on Thursday convicted the Jan. 6 defendant Dustin Thompson on all six charges he faced — including felony obstruction of Congress — rejecting his effort to blame Donald Trump’s campaign of disinformation about the election results for his conduct…

…After the verdict, U.S. District Court Judge Reggie Walton tore into Trump for his efforts to dupe supporters into believing the election was stolen.

“I think our democracy is in trouble because, unfortunately, we have charlatans like our former president who doesn’t, in my view, really care about democracy but only about power,” Walton said.

But he reserved his harshest comments for Thompson, whom he described as “weak-minded” and part of a “gullible” throng of Trump backers who couldn’t separate his claims from reality. Walton ordered Thompson immediately detained, forgoing the typical release of defendants until their sentencing.

We’ve reported on radical judge Jackson before.  He forced former AG Bill Barr to turn over his Mueller report.  He also has been horrible in cases involving those who expressed their right to protest a corrupt election, asking one victim of his court, “When did you get your medical license?” – when the individual refused to wear a mask.

Americans will never receive a fair verdict in a DC court.  The individual above was convicted of obstructing Congress but how could this of happened when Congress shut down because of bomb threats before any riots ever occurred.  There was no Congressional session going on to be shut down.

IT WAS ALL A LIE: Congress Was Evacuated on Jan. 6 Due to Pipe Bomb Threat — Not Because of Trump Supporters Walking Halls

Please pray for the victims of Jan 6 this weekend.  We will bring them justice.

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