Al Gore is at it again.  He claimed the sky was falling years ago and now claims we must to get rid of 80% of US energy sources.  (But he has no solution for replacing these sources.)

Al Gore claimed that the entire North Pole ice cap was going to be gone in 5 years – That was 13 years ago.  Let’s just say he missed that projection by 100%.

10 YEARS AGO TODAY – Al Gore Predicted North Pole Would Be COMPLETELY ICE FREE in Five Years

Gore’s made other crazy statements in his career as well.

HOT AIR=>Al Gore Claims Syrian Civil War Caused by Climate Change

Now Al Gore claims the world needs to get rid of coal, oil and gas worldwide.

FOX News reports:

Former Vice President Al Gore called on the world to “say goodbye to coal, oil and gas” to fight climate change in a video released Friday ahead of the upcoming UN COP 26 global warming conference.

Oil, gas and coal are the source of 79% of U.S. energy consumption, according to the latest data from the U.S. Energy Information Administration. Nuclear energy provides 9% of U.S. energy, while renewable energy accounts for 12%.

Gore called on public and private sector leaders to “get real” about immediately reducing greenhouse gas emissions and about moving away from fossil fuels to “clean” energy.

This sounds a bit crazy.  But one thing we do agree with Al Gore on is that Joe Biden is an idiot.

Watch Al Gore’s Eyebrows as Biden Stumbles and Forgets What He’s Saying During Climate Change Virtual Town Hall (VIDEO)

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