Kamala Harris tried to tell a woke joke about a female marine at the Naval Academy as she delivered the keynote address to the class of 2021 on Friday – and it totally bombed.

After Harris realized her joke fell flat, she began to cackle awkwardly.

The cadets groaned as Kamala looked for someone – anyone to laugh at her stupid joke.

Kamala Harris also told the cadets to convert wind and solar energy into combat power.




Kamala Harris tells woke joke about a female Marine
at the Navy Academy – IT BOMBS.
Cadets groan as Kamala cackles awkwardly alone onstage.
Kamala also told the cadets to use “wind energy” for “combat power.”

The Biden humiliation of our Military continues. pic.twitter.com/rQghgIA6rM

— Benny (@bennyjohnson) May 28, 2021

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