Joe Biden threatens Americans for opposing his agenda.

For years now, since the presidency of Barack Obama the American left has declared war on the American people — especially those Americans who hold traditional views like the sanctity of the family, the need for secure borders and boundaries, capitalism, meritocracy, Judeo-Christian principles, the goodness of America, the greatness of the American system.

Democrats, starting with Obama, have fought to destroy the foundation of America and have declared war for years on their political adversaries.

Friday morning, after Joe Biden’s dark and threatening Moloch speech, The Revolver founder Darren Beattie joined The War Room to discuss the Moloch speech.

Beattie correctly pointed out that Joe Biden has NEVER displayed this sort of venom for any foreign adversary — he left it for Republicans.

Darren Beattie: This kind of rhetoric we saw in Biden. He doesn’t talk that way about any foreign adversary. Show me a clip of Biden using that sort of language against China, against Russia, against Iran, against any of these alleged foreign adversaries. You can’t. Because his number one enemy is the American people.

Via The War Room.

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