On Thursday, representatives for comedy legend Dave Chapelle told TMZ that he would be willing to sit down at the table with any Netflix employees who are upset over racy JOKES that were made in his most recent stand-up special, which is aptly titled “The Closer.”

“Dave would be open to dialogue if folks from Netflix actually reach out to him for a discussion.”

Unfortunately, it’s 2021, and victimhood reigns supreme. Despite claims by trans-activists who are leading the protest that Chapelle failed to show up to a ‘scheduled meeting’ with the protesters, the comedian’s team specifically says that no one from Netflix has attempted to set up any meeting or conversation at all. 

In fact, the CEO of Netflix has come out and said that the business made a “mistake” when they Ok’d the special for the streaming service.

According to TMZ, Ashlee Marie Preston – the radical activist who is leading the Netflix walkout – insists that Chapelle did not show up for a “scheduled meeting” between the two sides – Preston is not even an employee of the video streaming service. She has only conducted woke training workshops at the company.

The comedian’s representatives categorically deny Preston’s claims and explain that they are unsure as to why the activist would be making such an accusation when Chapelle has continually said – even repeating the notion in the comedy special itself – that he is “open to dialogue with anybody.” 

“The Closer” caused so much backlash after Netflix allowed it to air that employees have staged a massive walkout and have been protesting outside the company’s headquarters all week long. Unfortunately for them dozens of pro-comedy, Dave Chapelle fans have shown up during their demonstrations to hilariously lampoon them for not being able to take a joke.

They held signs that said “we like Dave” and “jokes are funny” to make their simple but necessary counterpoint. 

The counter protesters who showed up to the woke Dave Chappelle protest to chant, “We like jokes,” and “Jokes are funny,” need their own Netflix comedy special. pic.twitter.com/sknX5pCjHu

— Clay Travis (@ClayTravis) October 20, 2021


Chapelle’s jokes have a habit of being controversial. He has been toeing the line of what’s acceptable ever since his legendary debut TV show – Chapelle’s Show – aired in 2003. His last full-length special, “Sticks & Stones,” also aired on Netflix and had a similar triggering effect for the woke warriors when it aired 2 years ago.

Cancel culture has only gotten worse since then. Now, the radical left is looking to officially end his career over his latest jokes.

These perpetual children need to grow up already. 

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