As Cara Castronuova reported ten days ago — The Gateway Pundit has been closely monitoring of the conditions inside DC Jail and were the first to actively report on the situation.

**  Check out our American Gulag page for updates on the scores of political prisoners wrongfully imprisoned by the Biden regime.

Nathaniel DeGrave, a non violent prisoner who walked into the open doors of the Capitol to document the event for a podcast, composed a letter to the American public pleading for help.

DeGrave has not been convicted of any crime, yet is being held in pretrial detention with no bail at DC Jail with no court trail date in sight.

Cara Castronuova posted Nathaniel’s call for help on The Gateway Pundit back on October 28th.

You must read his gut-wrenching letter here.

GUT WRENCHING PLEA FOR HELP! January 6th Detainee’s TELL ALL Letter to the American Public from DC GITMO — Please Help This Abused Man

Since our original post, Nathaniel’s heart-breaking testimony has been reposted and spread on social media numerous times.

Last night DC Gitmo Prisoner Nathan DeGrave spoke over the phone with Greg Kelly on Newsmax TV.

Besides telling about the criminal actions against him and his fellow political prisoners, Nathan broke some news.

Nathan DeGrave announced he may run for Mayor of Las Vegas from his prison cell at DC Gitmo.

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