As we previously reported, The Homewood Suites in Scottsdale, Arizona is acting as an ILLEGAL migrant safe house.

This illegal sanctuary is located at 9880 N Scottsdale Rd in Scottsdale, Arizona.

Discovered: Migrant Safe House in Scottsdale, Arizona! – ICE and Gov. Agents provide 24/7 security and catering to Illegal Immigrants

Family Endeavors, a San Antonio nonprofit tied to the Biden administration is providing sanctuary for these undocumented immigrants in a peaceful Scottsdale suburb and likely several other communities.

They received an $87 million no-bid contract in March to clothe and shelter illegal immigrants.

They then received ANOTHER contract for $530 MILLION shortly after.

On Wednesday there is a rally to secure US Borders near the sanctuary hotel in Scottsdale.

Patriots in Scottsdale are not going to sit back as undocumented, unvetted immigrants slip into their communities on their dime.

On Wednesday, June 2 at 5:00 P.M., patriots will hold a rally outside of the hotel for border security.

This will be a peaceful protest against the Biden administration’s recent contracts totaling over 600 MILLION DOLLARS in taxpayer money towards feeding, clothing, and sheltering those in this country ILLEGALLY.

We the people know that this is just another election fraud tactic that is being pushed by Dems. in order to flood the country with new Democratic votes and steal the next election, and the elections to follow. These unconstitutional open border laws are going to kill our safety and our freedoms.

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