Joe Biden defended his botched withdrawal from Afghanistan on Sunday as he delivered remarks at the White House.

Biden stuttered through his presser and struggled to read the teleprompter.

Joe Biden is completely incompetent and corrupt.

On Sunday Biden absurdly claimed he will be remembered for making a logical and rational decision on Afghanistan.

“I think that history is going to record this was the logical, rational, and right decision to make,” said Biden.


Most people support a drawdown of troops, but withdrawing troops before evacuating citizens was the wrong decision.

Joe Biden didn’t listen to his military advisors, closed down Bagram Air Base and withdrew troops.

Now tens of thousands of Americans are trapped behind enemy lines in Afghanistan.

Americans are being beaten and harassed by the Taliban at checkpoints.

There’s a bloody and chaotic scene at Kabul airport because of Joe Biden.

Sky News reports on the “mayhem” at the Kabul airport: “They’re getting crushed…Medics rushing from the next casualty to the next and the next.”

“Is this a stabilized withdrawal from Afghanistan? It looks like death to me.”

— RNC Research (@RNCResearch) August 22, 2021

The Taliban is also mocking Joe Biden and the US — this is what Joe Biden considers a success.

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