It appears these Democrat voters helped push hated Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger over the top in the GOP primary race on Tuesday night.

A recent report by the far-left Atlanta Journal-Constitution found that at least 7% of early Republican voters were Democrats.

Georgia is an open primary state.

These Democrat voters were the difference in the Secretary of State race in the state.

Much despised Brad Raffensperger somehow managed to pull off a victory in the Republican primary last night against former Congressman and President Trump endorsed US Representative Jody Hice.

If 7% of the votes were Democrats switching over for the primary, then that made the difference in the Secretary of State Race.

The total recorded votes in the SOS GOP Primary last night was 1,156,917

And the total turnout in the Democrat primary was 614,479.

The GOP race had almost twice as many votes as the Democrat race.

The rest of the Georgia primary races saw more turnout by Republicans but only by 1oo,000-200,000 votes.

Enough Democrats voted for Raffensperger to ensure he would not have to force into a runoff with Jody Hice.

Democrats understand they have  a friend in dirty Brad Raffensperger.

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