The continued assault of the Trump administration continues.

Democrats along with Liz Cheney and Adam Kissinger voted on Wednesday to hold top Trump advisers Dr. Peter Navarro and Dan Scavino in contempt of Congress for not speaking with the sham Jan. 6 Committee.

The two Trump supporters are the latest in a long line of Trump advisers who have had their lives ruined by the Deep State and Democrats running Washington DC.

Of course, Liz Cheney and Adam Kissinger joined Democrats in their vote.

The Hill reported:

The House voted Wednesday to hold two advisers to former President Trump, Peter Navarro and Dan Scavino, in contempt of Congress for defying subpoenas from the committee investigating the Jan. 6, 2021 attack on the Capitol.

Lawmakers voted almost entirely along party lines, 220-203.

Reps. Liz Cheney (Wyo.) and Adam Kinzinger (Ill.), the two Republicans serving on the committee, were the only members of their party to back the resolution.

Navarro, a former trade adviser to Trump, and Scavino, Trump’s deputy chief of staff for communications, both defied the committee’s subpoenas and refused to testify or provide documents.

The vote will refer the charges to the Justice Department, which can choose to pursue further action.

Scavino was one of the committee’s earliest subpoena targets, seeking an interview with an aide who spent considerable time with the president on Jan. 6 and helped promote the rally.

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