On Tuesday Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA) and several lawmakers introduced their “Fire Fauci Act” in a press conference on Capitol Hill.

The legislation will lower Dr. Fauci’s pay from over $400,000 a year to $0.00 per year.

It’s time to cut this megalomaniac loose and then charge him for the mass murder of hundreds of thousands of American citizens.

During the press conference, a liberal hack compared the Chinese Communist Party to Chinese Americans.
How disgusting! Especially since thousands of Chinese Americans fled the Communist regime and create a new life for themselves in America.

That’s when Rep. Mo Brooks tore into the garbage reporter!

Rep. Mo Brooks: Let’s be clear about something. I am very disturbed that you would even ask that type of question… For you to associate the Chinese Communist Party to Chinese Americans as you have done I would submit is egregious and wrong!

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