Rep. Devin Nunes (R-CA) joined Greg Kelly last night on Newsmax TV.

Rep. Nunes called for the name of the officer who shot US veteran Ashli Babbit dead in the US Capitol to be revealed.

Rep. Nunes: The family has now filed a lawsuit. And with any normal circumstance where you have an officer-involved shooting you have have people who go out there and say, “Where’s the videotape? Where’s the videotape? We need to know what officer did this… Why are we living under a different set of rules. I think that’s what the Babbit family is asking and I agree with them. We should know who the shooter is… House Republicans still have not seen the videotapes. There are reportedly 14,000 hours of videotapes from inside the Capitol. Why is that? Why do we not have that? Why do we not have an accounting of the dozens of people who broke the windows versus the people who just walked in openly because the Capitol police let them in?

Once again, Democrats are afraid to show Americans the truth. Why is that?

Nunes once again mentioned the 14,000 hours of videotape from the Capitol Building that Republicans and the public has not seen yet seen. Why is that?

Why are Democrats hiding the truth?

Devin Nunes is calling for the name of officer who shot Ashli Babbit to be revealed.

Who killed Ashli Babbit??? I bet Nancy Pelosi knows.

He also mentions the fact that there is 14,000 hours of tape from the Capitol Building that the public has not seen yet…



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