Russian President Putin was interviewed by NBC on June 11 in Russia.  Putin makes more sense in some of his responses than do the knuckleheads who run US politics, media, and social media.

At one point in the interview, Putin shamed his interviewer for not allowing him to finish what he was saying:

Putin goes after NBC Reporter Keir Simmons for trying to silence him during an interview.

— Election Wizard (@Wizard_Predicts) June 15, 2021

Putin also asks – “Did you order assassination of woman who walked into Congress?

WATCH: Russian President Putin calls out the US government for politically persecuting the Jan. 6 mob and provocatively implies the US government might have assassinated Ashli Babbit.

— Election Wizard (@Wizard_Predicts) June 15, 2021

The full transcript of the interview with Putin can be found here.

It is really sad that this senile old man is planning on meeting with Putin tomorrow.  This will not go well.  No wonder Biden will hold a separate press conference without Putin:

This guy is meeting Vladimir Putin, a former KGB intelligence officer, tomorrow.

We’re better off sending in Corn Pop.

— Lauren Boebert (@laurenboebert) June 15, 2021


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