Dilbert creator Scott Adams released another tweet stating the obvious. 

Dilbert creator Scott Adams came out before the 2016 election as a big supporter of then-candidate Donald J. Trump.  He released numerous tweets in support of the candidate and then President Trump.

One of the most straightforward tweets from Adams came after the 2020 Election.  He was so right.

The 2020 election was #NonTransparent by force. #Bullying to cheat. #StopTheSteal pic.twitter.com/qgF0lpJfkJ

— Dr. Kelli Ward (@kelliwardaz) December 5, 2020

Adams has done it again in a tweet today.  Adams shares that the anti-vaxers clearly won.  He says it over and over.  He shared that the anti-vaxers basically didn’t trust the government and corporations and that is never wrong.

Adams shared that he took the vax and because he did he always has to wonder whether something bad will happen.  He humbly admits the anti-vaxers won and this most likely will not change.

Scott Adams is right.  There may have been good intentions from many Americans in pushing the vaccines but now that the data is in, clearly there is enough evidence to question the vaccine.  With people dropping every day, those who took the vaccine have to wonder if something is going to affect them as well.

Scott Adams just broke the internet.

“The anti-vaxxers clearly won, you’re the winners!” pic.twitter.com/4boVgmd90C

— “History Rhymes” (@Dr_logicaI) January 22, 2023

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