Biden’s economy is already in a recession.  

The Daily Mail reported on two professors’ claims that the US is already in a recession.

America has already slipped into a recession that could be as bad as the 2008 financial meltdown according to key consumer data, a Dartmouth College professor has warned.

David Blanchflower, of Dartmouth, and Alex Bryson, of University College London, say that every slump since the 1980s has been foreshadowed by 10-point drops in consumer indices from the Conference Board and University of Michigan.

The indices are drawn from questions put to ordinary Americans about their income expectations, employment conditions and what they expect for the US economy in the near future.

The Conference Board has measured a 25.3-point drop in 2021, while UM has recorded an 18.4-point slump. This compares to a 19-point and a 21-point dip for the indices respectively ahead of the 2008 global financial crash.

‘It seems to us that there is every likelihood that the United States entered recession at the end of 2021,’ the authors write in a new research paper.

Blanchflower served on the Bank of England’s Monetary Policy Committee from 2006 to 2009.

Wait till trillions of dollars of government spending, trillions of dollars in lost business revenues due to COVID, China’s economic crisis, and the scarcity of goods due to the current shipping crisis, how could the US not be in a recession?

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