They hate the police with a passion.
They don’t care if homicides are surging in Democrat cities across the country.

President Biden announced on May 10th that flags would fly at half-staff to honor fallen police officers.

Then, after complaints by radical cop-hating Democrats, Biden reversed the declaration and announced flags would fly at full-staff instead.

They had to please their constituents — Criminals and Marxists.

Via Govenor Chris Sununu.

On May 10th, the Biden Administration announced in a release flags would be flying at Half Staff across the country to honor our heroes on the front line. Tonight, in the eleventh hour, the Biden Administration is now no longer calling for flags to fly at Half Staff. 2/

— Chris Sununu (@GovChrisSununu) May 14, 2021

New Hampshire’s law enforcement are the best in the country, and they are owed an explanation for this sudden reversal. I call on New Hampshire’s congressional delegation to join with me in rejecting this disrespectful decision. 4/4

— Chris Sununu (@GovChrisSununu) May 14, 2021

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