Abigail Disney, heiress to the Disney fortune, attacked conservatives for criticizing the company’s “woke” turn.

Bizarrely, she claimed “the large majority of Americans” don’t support “anti-woke” conservatives.

Activist Christopher Rufo suggested Abigail Disney have a long talk with her therapist.

Here’s the exchange:

Us with culture war nonsense while they rifle through the till and empty everyone’s pockets. This “anti-woke” right wing nonsense is unsupported by a large majority of Americans. In fact most Americans are offended by it and wish it would just go away. 2/

— Abigail Disney (@abigaildisney) April 1, 2022

Christopher Rufo responded by blasting her as a “privileged” and “pathetic.”

I met a lot of these people when I was an undergraduate at Georgetown. They are the most entitled, narcissistic, status-obsessed people imaginable. They adopt identities and moral causes to project their problems onto the world and “solve” them with their inherited wealth.

— Christopher F. Rufo (@realchrisrufo) April 1, 2022

The best way to understand people like Abigail Disney is that, for them, playing progressive politics is a very expensive form of therapy. She used grandpa’s money to “disrupt inequality” and “make peace in Africa,” but it’s all pseudo-altruism and self-serving performance.

— Christopher F. Rufo (@realchrisrufo) April 1, 2022

P.S. I hope you read this whole thread, @abigaildisney, and have a long talk with your therapist about it. Perhaps I could help you with a personal breakthrough. You might even thank me later.

— Christopher F. Rufo (@realchrisrufo) April 1, 2022

As a result of Disney’s lobbying efforts, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis suggested Disney’s “special status” in Florida could be revoked:

Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis (R) appeared to support eliminating Disney’s special status that allows it to operate as an independent government in the area around its Orlando park.

“Disney has alienated a lot of people now,” DeSantis said Thursday at a press conference in West Palm Beach. “And so the political influence they’re used to wielding, I think has dissipated. And so the question is, why would you want to have special privileges in the law at all? And I don’t think that that we should.”

Conservatives have had enough!

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